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Life is Unscripted

Science Night Live!

Every Second Thursday, 8:00PM

The Pack Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood CA

Science Night Live is an educational comedy show featuring scientists performing sketch comedy for the first time, live on stage. A mixture of veteran sketch comedians and science talks make for a science/comedy fusion you don’t want to miss!


Past guests have included doctorates in aerospace, microbiology, quantum physics, marine biology, climate change and more!

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Improvised Tennessee Williams!

Every first Friday 8:00PM

Ledge Theater (Skiptown Playhouse)
665 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Downtown Menagerie is a genre improv team performing an improvised Tennessee Williams play. Come immerse yourself in stylized drama, romance and dysfunction as they take you back to mid 1900s Southern America. Costumes and vernacular make this period piece pop as the audience roots for some characters, despises others, but above all, laughs with them as they explore their humanity. 

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Improvised Film Noir! 

Next Show Date Pending - Check Back Later! 

Location: TBD

Explore the gritty streets of LA from the safety and comfort of a squishy armchair as Ryder and Gabe take you back to the dangerous underbelly of 1940s crime, detective work, backstabbery, debauchery and tragically fun endings.

Live piano music will accompany the show!

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Past Events

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