Life is unscripted

TVunscripted is a Colorado-based comedy group comprised of improvisers Ryder Tam and Gabe Valdez, and musician Aidan Warner. 


TVunscripted’s fast-paced, hilarious comedy has been featured internationally and sold out audiences across Colorado and beyond. 

Live comedy shows every month in Colorado Springs and Denver. 

Currently featuring Dungeons and Dragons Unscripted. Check Events for more info and current regional performance schedule. 

Weekly sketch comedy videos released every Wednesday. 

Completely improvised, original comedy sketches from TV to U. See Sketch Videos Tab. Available on all social media platforms... Subscribe on your favorite social media for more! 

Weekly live-streams Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm MST

Join us online every week for improvised characters and video games LIVE. Chat with us and contribute suggestions and characters to scenes in a chill, interactive hangout. See Livestream Tab, or visit Twitch or Facebook to view past live-streams. 

Unscripted, Real-Life Comedy

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